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Closing Prayer

What is this?

Every 5th Sunday there will be a special discussion that is facilated by the Bishopric.

Everyone will be combined into one discussion, men and women.

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President: Joel Marion

1st Counselor: Jacob Stucki

2nd Counselor: Michael Butler

Come Follow Me Discussion A

Room: 101

Come Follow Me Discussion B

Room: Loft 1

Come Follow Me Discussion C

Room: Loft 2

Come Follow Me Discussion D

Room: North Relief Society Room

Come Follow Me Discussion E

Room: South Relief Society Room

Who are my leaders?


Lacee Bowen

1st Counselor

Shayna Scott

2nd Counselor

Bradley Krause


Anne Juchau

Relief Society Discussion

North RS Room of Manavu Chapel

Who are my leaders?


Valerie Burnham

1st Counselor

Lexi Rowberr

2nd Counselor

Emily Allen

Relief Society Discussion

South RS Room of Manavu Chapel

Who are my leaders?


Matthew Gardner

1st Counselor

Kyle Evans

2nd Counselor

Matt Santos


Joe Wang

Elder's Quorum Discussion

Manavu Chapel Loft

Bishopric Meeting

Room 164

Every Sunday at 8:30am

Bishopric, Clerks, and Executive secretaries are invited to attend

Ward Council

Room 164

1st & 3rd Sundays at 9:15am

Elder's Quorum and Relief Society presidents and counselors, Ward Clerk, and Ward Mission Leader are invited to attend

Ward Coordinating Council

Room 164

2nd & 4th Sundays at 9:15am

All Ward Council members and council co-chairs are invited to attend

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